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About Rcube


100 billion euros = sales in the second-hand sector

The 3 R's of Rcube = Reduction, Reuse and Reuse

Rcube is a non-profit association governed by the French Law of 1901. Its aim is to develop Reduction, Reuse and Reuse to prolong life and reduce the quantity of waste. 

The Federation works to professionalization and development of the of Reuse by improving cohesion and the visibility of best practices, by representing the sector to external bodies, by encouraging collaboration and innovation with the various players in the socio-economic arena, and by mobilizing them around innovative, unifying projects to build the Circular Economy.

The Federation works in partnership with various ministries, including the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial Sovereignty, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, ADEME, DGE, DGPR, etc...


Animating the Reuse

  • Setting up specialized commissions
  • Sector watch and newsletter publication for the network
  • Organizing local events
  • Deployment of local branches
  • Organization of player visits

Defending the sector's development

  • Writing white papers
  • Participation in commissions
  • Auditions
  • Lobbying campaigns
  • Sector and regulatory watch

Supporting and promoting best practices

  • Introduction of Labels - including the COFRAC-recognized RECQ LABEL by DEKRA
  • Sales support for members

Developing communications for the general public

  • Sharing information to democratize and raise awareness
  • Press Communications
  • Production of podcasts
  • Event organization
  • Social networking (YOUTUBE TV, etc.)
  • Trade show organization
  • Setting up local offices

Supporting project developers and recycling professionals

  • Support for recycling start-ups (REUSE.LAB)
  • Setting up Green Investment Funds
  • School of Reuse



Benoît Varin


Co-founder and General Secretary of Recommerce Solutions

Kamera Vesic


Director, PIK PIK Environnement

Alexandre Isaac

Assistant Secretary

CEO @ Seensys @ The Repair Academy @ iSpart

Aziz Aaiche


Co-Founder and Director of BMyPhone

Philippe Correia


Co-founder and CEO Segundo

Darani Sivathasan


President of GSM Master

Board of Directors

Benoît Varin

Co-founder and General Secretary of Recommerce Solutions SA

Darani Sivathasan

Vice-President of RCube Co-founder and CEO of GSM MASTER

Aziz Aaiche

Treasurer, Co-Founder and Director of BMyPhone

Marigrine Auffray-Milésy

Assistant Secretary, Honorary Lawyer, President of the Ma Ressourcerie association

Kamera Vesic

Secretary of Rcube, Founder and CEO of Pikpik Environnement

Renaud Attal

Co-founder and CEO of Co-Recyclage

Philippe Couge

Manager of GAME CASH

Alexandre Isaac

Co-founder and CEO of The Repair Academy and Seensys

Our permanent staff

Nadjib Renai

Managing Director