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Our missions

Unify and Enhance Expertise

Federating and professionalizing the reuse sector is crucial to its long-term development. 

Bringing the players to the table

Creation and management of a network ⇒ more than 400 members and partners who share best practices, help each other and collaborate via Commissions, Working Groups, meetings and events.

Regional network development ⇒ Beyond Paris, Rcube has offices in the Hauts de France (Lille, Bethunes...) and the Grand Ouest (Nantes, Angers, Bordeaux, Vannes, Brest, ...).

Setting standards for the sector

The example of Label RecQ: a quality label dedicated to refurbished products initiated by Rcube

The French are buying more and more second-hand products.

All sectors are concerned, with an explosion in furniture, smartphones and clothing.

However, not all second-hand products are created equal. 

In particular, reconditioned products, i.e. products that have normally been checked by professionals to ensure they are in good working order, have very different levels of quality, safety and compliance with environmental standards.

In May 2020, the Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes (DGCCRF) noted the inadequacy of the information provided to consumers by almost 50% of professionals, as well as breaches of the provisions of the French Consumer Code, particularly with regard to warranties, and the difficulty for consumers to know the actual condition of the appliance.

With this in mind, the RCUBE Federation has launched a project to create a quality label dedicated to reconditioned products.

The " Quality and control refurbishement " or RECQ label responds to the current needs of the second-hand market to guide buyers towards quality second-hand goods, from a product, environmental and social point of view.

Since 2016, the RECQ label therefore aims to:

  • Inform buyers about the quality and safety of the used goods they are considering,
  • Encourage the re-use of products that are still functional but are still too often landfilled or recycled,
  • Professionalize the reuse sector, by defining and maintaining widely accepted quality standards.

Developing and supporting the ecosystem

Setting up of a pilot program Incubator of Reuse, Repair and Refurbishment, the ReUSE.LAB Unique support to develop your entrepreneurial project in the fields of Reuse, Repair and Refurbishment.

Objectives : 

  • Supporting the creation, development and acceleration of companies specializing in reuse
  • Developing and industrializing the reuse sector 
  • Training and supporting the professionalization of project managers

Selection based on strict criteria:

  • Innovation quality
  • Economic, social and environmental impact
  • Founders' entrepreneurial stance, motivation
  • Value proposition and pitch

Promotion 2 is in preparation! For further information, please contact us. 


Training and workshops with experts ⇒ support for specific projects and contacts with experts.


Inventory and mapping ⇒ carrying out audits and inventories to support our members in their development.


Represent the sector on committees


Inter-Sector EPR Commission

Appointment by Prime Minister

Administrative Commission whose secretariat is managed by the DGPR de management of recycling channels : decrees, specifications and approvals for eco-organizations

National Council for the Circular Economy
Appointment by Minister for the Environment

Representative council of stakeholders to advise and study the implementation of the Circular Economy in France 

ADEME Observatory Reuse Leading member of the Steering Committee and member of the Working Groups
PRIVATE COPY COMMISSION Industrial voting member (1 vote out of 24)
CUSTOMS working group Participation in collaborative work between Customs and trade federations
DGPR working groups (graphic paper, etc.) Participation in work managed by the Risk Prevention and Reduction Division (Direction Générale de la Prévention et de la Réduction des Risques)
DGE working group on marketplaces regulation  Direction Générale des Entreprises to draw up a charter of best practices for marketplaces and refurbishers distributing their products online.
Label Act for Impact launched by BNP Paribas to support companies in developing innovative impact solutions


Rcube white paper

Working on the Agec law


Organizing major events around the Reuse

Salon du vrac et du réemploi

The showcase for the bulk and reuse sector! The 6th Salon du Vrac et du Reuse will take place on May 13 and 14, 2024 at the Parc Floral de Paris.

In addition to its international dimension, this 6th edition will welcome the Reuse Village for the first time, in collaboration with the Rcube federation. Come and discover the key players in repair, reuse and re-employment.

If you'd like to join us, please contact us as soon as possible - there's not much room left!

Assises du réemploi

Organization of a national event open to all for :

  • Building a first version of the Reuse Master Plan
    • Discuss development prospects for the reuse sector
    • List the obstacles to reuse
    • Identify available and required deposits by type of channel
    • Federate players in the reuse and repair sector and support impact project leaders in their economic development.
    • Discuss and propose solutions to develop the reuse and repair sector
  • Define structuring concepts for the sector (terminology, cosmology, etc.) - via a Scientific Congress: publication of papers, presentation of studies in progress
  • Raising awareness and training stakeholders in the sector (consumers, students, teachers, researchers, buyers, legislators, law firms, suppliers)
  • Present regulatory texts (currently under construction) and discuss implementation procedures for EPR schemes
  • Update the White Paper with legislative proposals
  • Present innovations and proposals by sector: entrepreneurial pitches
  • Organization and presentation of technical workshops to discover the various training courses available
  • Innovation showroom, presentation of players
  • Networking area


Development of a podcast series featuring recycling companies.

Objectives :

  • Enhancing the value of Reuse
  • Inspire and Raise Awareness
  • Community commitment
  • Visibility

Would you like to be interviewed for an episode? We'd love to hear from you! 

The RECQ Quality Label: Refurbishment

The RECQ label supported by is the 1st European label for second-hand products, guaranteeing their quality. 

The label is based on a set of criteria to be met by collection, reconditioning and distribution professionals.

These specifications are the fruit of consultation with all players in the reuse sector, whether or not they are members of RCUBE.

The label applies to a very wide range of products. It currently covers computers (portable and fixed), smartphones, car tires and large industrial equipment. By 2024/2025, further developments are planned to include other product families, such as bicycles, household appliances, DIY items and toys.

This standard offers guarantees that go well beyond the regulations: traceability in the reconditioning process, providing transparency on the actual state of the product and the operations carried out, compliance with the hierarchy of waste treatment methods, technical guarantee for a period at least equal to that stipulated by the regulations, existence of an after-sales service, product conformity via CE marking, compliance with various regulations (tax, consumer code, AGEC law, etc.).

Specific additional criteria may vary based on the product type. For products like computers and mobile phones, aspects such as the thoroughness of the data deletion process and the state of essential components (e.g., memory cards, batteries) are evaluated in relation to preset standards.

More than 20 organizations have already been awarded the label, and many more are in the process of being certified in France and Europe.

Compliance with the specifications is assessed by an external certification body. Dekra Certification, which contributed to the project, has been appointed for a 3-year period to carry out these assessments. More information on the DEKRA web page:

Contact us to find out more, or to obtain the specifications.