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Joining Rcube means helping to federate all those active in Reuse, Reuse and Reduction (of waste).

Your membership fees are the association's main source of funding. They enable our association to remain independent from public authorities and to propose actions that are as close as possible to our members' needs/problems!

Yours sincerely


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Benefits of joining Rcube

Becoming a member means becoming a player in the reuse movement. As a federation, Rcube enables you to :

  • Increase network visibility
  • Be part of the community and develop the reuse sector together
  • Access to the network and exchange of best practices :
    • 1 quarterly meeting between members
    • Training tailored to your specific needs
    • Specific networking
    • Directory access
  • Access to industry information via 1 newsletter per month
  • Visits to companies in the sector
  • Representation to public authorities
  • Access to commissions

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