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Extending product lifespan

Rcube is the professional federation for Reuse and Repair. It leads the charge in evolving the reuse and repair sector and brings together members committed to the principles of a responsible circular economy, the sharing economy, and alternative consumption methods that reduce waste and avoid unnecessary production of waste.

It strives to promote professional growth and advancement among its members, enhancing their unity and exposure. It fosters a collaborative spirit and encourages experimental partnerships with different socio-economic stakeholders. Furthermore, it represents its members to external entities, ensuring their voices and needs are acknowledged. 

The Federation continues to be the leading platform for dialogue in France and across Europe.

She works with official bodies such as CIFREP, the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and ADEME, and the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Finance with the General Directorate for Enterprise...

We extend product life and reduce waste.

Unify and Enhance Expertise

Guiding Change and Assisting Participants


Advocating and representing the sector on committee forums


Communicating on the sector and developing events

Reuse industry

The circular economy is expanding across all societal sectors.

  • Electronics Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Furniture Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Sports Industry
  • Events Industry

Our partners

Acting together now